A Cell Charm Swarovski Travel Protection Talisman In Amethyst


CHARM SIZE: Approximately 2 INCHES

Everyone these days are Using Charms for their Cell Phones, as it became a Popular Attribute of our Every Day Communication. Now you have a Chance to Own a Very Stylish TRAVEL PROTECTION TALISMAN as a Cell Phone Accessory. It will always be around, Protecting you every step of the way..

This TRAVEL TALISMAN comes with Sparkling SWAROVSKI Snow White Bead and Contains Genuine and Natural Tumbled Stones of AMETHYST Crystals. This CHARM is Made to Provide Maximum Protection Powers for when you Travel


AMETHYST has been used as a TRAVELERS PROTECTION stone for Thousands of Years. Many Cultures believed that AMETHYST Crystal in their Pocket will Guard them while they were Traveling to a Long Distance Destinations and just travel in General. If you Travel a Lot or just Planning, then you definitely need one. It also brings emotional stability and inner strength, and can enhance flexibility and cooperation, which are Extremely Important Factors in any Travel related situations. AMETHYST is such a Great Travelers Protector, that it suits any type of Travel, including Air, Sea and Driving.

This Charm is Absolutely Gorgeous and Unique, as it is made from Natural Stones, and no two Pieces are exactly alike. You may also like to use it as a Zipper Pull by attaching it to any Jacket or Purse. Comes in Precious Organza Pouch, and makes a Super Gift Idea for someone you really care about.

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