About Us

This is our story. We started our business back in 2005, a few months after our daughter was born. A few weeks since birth, our baby girl was crying none stop and while doctors said everything is fine, we just didn’t know what to do next and someone sent us natural gemstones of different kind and said to place them under her mattress. And this is when we got interested with the whole idea of what each stone represents and main reason why we also offer specific gemstones for kids and their parents,

Our business grew step by step and while Mark worked 6-7 days a week to support the family, I was building blocks to create this business and fall in love with stones and crystals through reading and learning about their natural powers and energies. I was fascinated with ancient symbols since I was a kid and passion for crystals came in to a puzzle and our company was born,

Through many hours of daily work and dedication to make things happen we eventually realized that we must take action and go overseas to meet with gemstone factories so we can offer the best and highest quality gemstones for the value to our customers. Working with genuine gemstones is as tough as it can get because they grow in nature being imperfect. It takes efforts and knowledge to offer these products of nature based on what customer expects and to make sure their gemstones and crystals will last,

At some point we expanded our operations and created unique designs made from various alloys including Stainless Steel and Pewter. However, we did not step away from our passion for gemstones and majority of such products are accompanied with stones and crystals to keep up with the spirit of our company and vision.

We were doing great right from the start because we work 7 days a week since day one and our efforts brought successful results year after year. Our products got noticed by big marketplaces and we were invited to bring our unique products to their retail platforms.

All of our products comes with branded tags and are either engraved or imprinted with our Registered Trademark logo to provide confidence to our valuable customers that the product they receive is authentic and will last. 

We never gave up and just recently developed our new website www.BestAmulets.com with one goal in mind - serving customers in the United States and around the world with products they can enjoy and be proud of. Each individual category is created in such a way that makes it easier to shop for something specific whether you look for individual gemstones or symbols.

Our collection is very extensive. We carry over 15,000 of unique and one of the kind products. Each was designed with love and passion through unrealistic work efforts. Sometimes it would take us years before new design would hit the market because quality and attention to details is our mission.

We Love what we do and Sincerely Appreciate your Business! We promise to provide our customers with utmost care and respect and offer outstanding service. Please note that many of our unique products are also handcrafted from finest materials and it may take 1 to 2 business days to create your own individual item. We work our best to ship and provide customer support as quick as possible.

Give us a chance and we will prove that our company offers one of the highest quality gemstones and crystals on the market that you will appreciate personally and will know your go to place to purchase unique gifts that will pleasantly surprise your friends, family and loved ones.

Thank You all for your valuable time!

Sincerely, Inna and Mark Gaker.