All Seeing Feeling Buddha Eye Hamsa Magic Agate Sky Blue Crystal Necklace

  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Very Unique and Special All Seeing and Feeling Buddha Eye Hand with Austrian Crystal in the place of the Eye designed with Natural Black Agate Magic Medallion Circle Gemstone.
  • Amulet Size: 40mm. Hand Charm is Created with Engraving on the Back Side: I See, I Feel, I Protect, I Know.
  • Amulet Charm is Made from Stainless Steel and has Nice Antique Black Finish.
  • Ready to Wear with Very Popular Waxed Cotton Cord which Adjusts from 16 up to 24 inches long and you can wear your Amulet Short or Long.
  • Comes with Gift Kind Packaging.

Absolutely Unique and Special All Seeing and Feeling Buddha Eye Hand Amulet with Evil Eye Protection and Magic Powers. Hand Charm has Engraving on the Back Side: I SEE, I FEEL, I PROTECT, I KNOW. Adorned with Sparkling Sky Blue Austrian Crystal cabochon in the center of the Amulet and makes it Very Attractive and Eye Catching. Amulet Charm is attached to Very Cute and Unique Natural Black Agate Gemstone Magic Medallion Circle and Holds powers of Spiritual Protection and Good Luck Powers. 

This Amulet holds Powers of Protection, Magic, Happiness, Knowledge and Supernatural Energies as Buddha is looking out for you every step of the way.

Stay Unique and Magic with your Own Magic and All Seeing Buddha Eye Hamsa Hand Amulet.

Buddha Meaning:

Buddha is GOD of LUCK. He is the GOD of Happiness, Laughter and the Wisdom of Contentment. His big belly is a SYMBOL of Happiness, Luck and Generosity. BUDDAH have a Protective Supernatural Power. Buddha means "Awakened". BUDDAH is Fully Enlightened One and develops to perfection the qualities of generosity, discipline, renunciation, wisdom and energy. The Buddha was born in 2600 years ago, and since then he is Bringing Good Fortune and Good Luck to people, who is using BUDDAH as Personal Amulet.

Hamsa Hand Symbol Meaning: Hamsa is World Wide know symbol. Many People across the planet are using hamsa hand as the most protection symbol, which reflects the negativity by holding its hand and pushing it away from you. At the same time, Hamsa Hand looks Very Attractive and Eye Catches Eyes of other people, which makes them look directly at the Amulet and not at you, keeping you safe from Evil Eye.

Agate Powers:

With its Powers Effective in all Chakras, Black Agate is a Very Spiritual stone. It is used to end unhappy Situations. Agate is in tune with the Earths energies and balances Yin and Yang. Tremendous Strength Provider. Agate is used to Deflect or Absorb the negativity of others.
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