American Eagle and Evil Eye Protection Powers Amulets Silver-Tone Royal Red Crystals Earrings

  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Absolutely Special and Very Cute Silver-Tone Unique Eardrop Magical Evil Eye Protection American Eagle Style Earrings.
  • Earrings Size: 31mm X 13mm.  
  • Each Earring holds Cute Sparkling Round Royal Red Crystals and Designed as Unique Double Headed Eagle Charms which makes it Eye Catching piece of Fashion Jewelry.
  • High Quality Earrings to make you look Beautiful and Unique.
  • Comes with Gift Kind CoolAmulets® Branded Packaging.

Absolutely one of the kind Cute and Unique Eardrop Earrings. The Earrings are Designed as Magical Evil Eye Protection Double Headed American Eagle Charms. Each Earring holds Royal Red Sparkling Crystals along with Sky Blue Eye Accent Charms and Makes it look Very Attractive and Fun to wear.

Makes Great Gift Idea for yourself or someone you Love and Care about. Our Earrings are made from Highest Quality Materials and will be a Great Addition to your Fashion Jewelry Collection.

Eagle Myth and Legend:

There is an old legend that the eagle alone among animals can look into the sun. Native North Americans believed the thunderbird, a mythical super eagle, was responsible for creating thunder and lightning by beating its wings. The Pawnee believed the eagle to be a symbol of fertility because they build large nests high off the ground and valiantly protect their young. They honored the eagle with songs, chants, and dance. Aztecs and related tribes established in the valleys of Mexico, revered the eagle as a strong symbol, with feathers used by that society's elite.

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