Amulet Baby Elephant and Rhino Good Luck Charm Protection Powers Feng Shui Magic Keychain Blessings

These Lucky Charms Keychains are One of the Kind and Very Special. They are Handcrafted from Genuine Sandal Wood holding Natural Powers of Good Luck and Protection. These Charms are 3D Style and is Carved on each side. This Set comes as Cute Baby Elephant Charm and another one as Beautiful Baby Rhino Charm and brings Fortune, Safety and Good Luck Powers.

Great for Love Couples or Best Friends Sharing.

Elephant Meaning: Elephant is Symbol of Wisdom, Luck and Loyalty. The Elephant considered a Strong Symbol of Luck - keep a lucky elephant with you to protect from bad luck and to stimulate good luck for all times. The elephant is probably the Most Positive Animal Symbol known. The elephant attains old age and with it, wisdom. They are highly revered for their strength and power. Rhino Meaning: Rhino as a Spiritual Totem. As totems, rhinos are symbols of gentleness, unconventional behavior, peaceful personalities, steadiness, power and agility. People born under this totem or protected by at are peaceful and steady personalities who know what they want in life and how to get it. Rhino animal symbolism reminds us to appreciate the expansive bounty we have around us. When the rhino comes to us in our daily lives it is time for us to stop and give thanks to the infinite wonders occurring in every millimeter and minute of our lives.

Natural Wood Metaphysical Properties:

Natural Wood is enriched with Magical and Healing Properties. Wood symbolizes Life and Abundance, Health and Prosperity. It magically heals the owner with Life Energy and Positive influences of Earth and entire Universe. Natural Wood Vibrations are United with the person and makes Life Journey Successful, Healthful, Spiritual and Positive.

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