Amulet Fortune Magical Fish Good Luck Charm Protection Powers Feng Shui Keychain Blessing


  • Unique Best Amulets Collection made from Natural Sandal Wood.
  • Size: 55mm X 30mm.
  • Each Lucky Charm is Handcrafted and Absolutely Unique.
  • Use as Keychain Charm Fob or Purse Lucky Charm.
  • Comes with Gift Style Packaging.
  • These Lucky Charms Keychains are One of the Kind and Very Special. They are Handcrafted from Genuine Sandal Wood holding Natural Powers of Good Luck and Protection. This Charm is 3D Style and is Carved on each side as Beautiful and Magical Fish representing Fortune, Safety and Good Luck Powers.

    Amulet Meaning:

    As early as the second century Titus Flavius Clemens (St. Clement of Alexandria), suggested that Christians identify themselves with a seal engraved with a fish. The fish in particular, was considered important enough to be mentioned many times in the Bible. In Japan, the fish means Well-being, Happiness and Freedom. It is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols used in Buddhism imported from China. Astrologers are often quick to point out, that the fish is not only a Christian symbol, but indicative of the Age of Pisces, which began at the time of Jesus' birth.

    Natural Wood Metaphysical Properties:

    Natural Wood is enriched with Magical and Healing Properties. Wood symbolizes Life and Abundance, Health and Prosperity. It magically heals the owner with Life Energy and Positive influences of Earth and entire Universe. Natural Wood Vibrations are United with the person and makes Life Journey Successful, Healthful, Spiritual and Positive.

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