Amulet Individual Magic Circles Double Lucky Donuts White Jade Faceted Citrine Pendant Necklace

  • Made from Genuine White Jade and Lab Grown Faceted Citrine Gemstones.
  • Pendant Size: 30mm (1 1/4"), Larger Donut is 30 mm and Smaller Donut is 20mm.
  • Handcrafted with Love and no two Amulets are ever alike.
  • Ready to wear with Adjustable Cotton Waxed Cord, Shortest 15 inch and longest 24 inch.
  • Comes with Beautiful Gift Style Pouch.

This is Individual Magic Circles Amulet, as it comes with Two Individual Lucky Donuts and each holds different and Unique Energies and Forces. Gain Self Protection, Good Luck and Magic powers with this one of the Kind piece of Jewelry. Amulet is made with Love and Care and no two pieces are ever alike, making your Amulet as unique as it may get.

This Amulet is Made from Genuine and Natural White Jade and Lab Grown Faceted Citrine Gemstone. Each is Handcrafted as Lucky Donuts and makes this Amulet very Special and Attractive.

Jade is the Stone of Wealth, Good Luck and Prosperity. Jade was considered to be the Stone of Magic to the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Dispels negativity and thought to provide protection from one's enemies. Helps the wearer to sense the truth in all situations. Jade is said to bless the one, who touched it. Citrine is Success and Merchants Stone of Wealth. Promotes Success, Prosperity, Abundance. Along with Prosperity and Good fortune, Citrine dissipates negative energies and. Extremely Good for General Protection and stone that brings Happiness and cheer to one who carries or wears it. Attracts personal power.

Combination of these Gemstones creates Unique Energies and Powers for it's wearier and fills Life with harmony, balance and positive forces. You will absolutely Love your New Amulet and Enjoy it's Unique Outlook.

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