Amulet Italian Horn Lucky Charm Carnelian Gemstone Evil Eye Protection Powers Pendant Necklace

  • Very Popular Italian Horn Lucky Charm Pendant.
  • Size: 40mm long ( 1 1/5 Inch)
  • Made from Genuine and Natural Carnelian Gemstone and has Pewter Bail.
  • Comes with Very Popular 18" Black Rubber Cord and 925 Sterling Silver Buckle and makes it Ready to wear.
  • Comes with Gift kind Organza Pouch.

This Italian Horn Amulet is Very Stylish and Popular. It is made from Genuine and Natural Carnelian Gemstone and holds Protection Powers against Evil Eye Energies and Forces. The Bail is made from Pewter and looks very cute. This Lucky Charm is Ready to Wear, as it comes with Stylish Rubber Cord with .925 Sterling Silver buckle.

Italian Horn Myth and Legend:

The ancient Magical charm or Amulet worn in Italy as Protection against "evil eye" has also been linked to Celtic and Druid myths and beliefs. Other superstitions link it to Special powers and Good Luck. Centuries ago it was believed when animal horns pointed to the moon goddess and were considered sacred.


CARNELIAN Brings GOOD LUCK, Happiness, Success and Prosperity. Carnelian has become one of the Power stones of the ages. It used to ward off evil thoughts, jealousy and psychic attacks toward the individual. Carnelian is said to be the Gem of the Guardian Angel and protection from overcoming negativity and spells. Carnelian is used to help protect you against anger and hateful feelings from somebody. Carnelian is a Talisman to reflect the Evil Eye Energy. It can also help connect us with the Earth and establish our link with the Universe. Carnelian can have a very positive influence on people who find difficulties to manage their affairs due to lack of stability. It will stimulate career success and increase energy levels. Helps in focusing and Realizing Goals.

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