Amulet Lucky Coin Charm Triangle Pyramid Powers Hematite Spiritual Good Luck Pendant Necklace

  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Unique Lucky Coin Charm Amulet Pendant Necklace. Hand Carved Triangle with Antique Finish Style Coin.
  • Amulet Size: 40mm. Stainless Steel Lucky Coin Charm Size: 20mm
  • Gemstone Triangle is made from Gemstone and Lucky Coin is made from Stainless Steel with Nice Antiqued Finish.
  • Ready to wear with High Quality Cotton Waxed Cord which Adjusts from 16 up to 24 inches long and you may wear it short and long.
  • Comes with Gift Style Packaging.

Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Lucky Coin Amulet Gemstone Triangle Pendant Necklace. Lucky Coin is made from Stainless Steel with Antique Finish. Gemstone Triangle is made from Genuine and Natural Hematite and makes is Absolutely Special and One of the Kind. This Amulet represents Magic Powers of Good Luck, Protection, Fortune and Abundance and makes it Individual Good Luck Charm Amulet. Hematite Gemstone stands for Metaphysical Properties of Evil Eye Protection, Good Luck and Magical Energy.

Stay Unique, Special and Attractive with your Own Individual Lucky Coin Triangle Pyramid Powers Amulet.

Chinese has been known as one of the Oldest Languages on the Planet. That is probably the reason, why their letters and characters do not look any closer to all other languages. Chinese Characters are holding a Real Meaning, which are representing some of the Most Powerful Symbols for a Human Kind.

Triangle Amulet Meaning: Triangles have deep Spiritual meaning.  To the occult, triangles represent a merging of the spiritual and earthly realms and are considered symbolic or spiritual triangles. Having the symbol in your life can be used to denote a connection with, or interest in, spirit and the spiritual realm. Triangle is triune nature of the Universe – Earth, Sky and Human. Triangle is one of the most powerful and universal symbols. Symbol of Health and Wisdom.

Good Luck and Evil Eye Protection Powers of Hematite Gemstone:

The ancient civilizations used Hematite in the creation of their Magical Amulets. Helps increase courage and will-power. Also a Protective Stone, whenever you feel the need for protection and face challenge in panicky situation, carry a Hematite stone with you. It could be crucial meetings, interviews or legal matters. It helps to balance out the emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit. Not only does it dissolves negativity, but actually transforms it into the energy of Universal Love. Hematite forms a reflective shield around its Owner.
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