Amulet Lucky Coin Shaped Donut Healing Aura Unakite Charm Magic and Protection Powers Necklace


  • Best Amulets Collection. Very Popular and Lucky Coin Shaped Donut Pendant Adjustable Necklace.
  • Lucky Donut Size: 30mm
  • Each Stone is Naturally Unique and No Two Pieces are ever alike. May or will have some Natural Specks and Inclusions.
  • Ready to Wear with High Quality Waxed Cord which Adjusts from 16 up to 28 inches long and You can Wear it Short or Long based on your Individual Preferences.
  • Comes with Branded Packaging.
  • This Crystal Donut is Very Popular, Cute, Stylish and made from Eye Catching Genuine and Natural Unakite Gemstone. Everyone loves these Crystals for its Attractive outlook and for its Good Luck and Protection Powers. This Crystal Donut attracts Positive Aura, Protection and Good Luck Powers. It has Adjustable and Very Durable cord for Long Lasting Wear. This Crystal looks great with any outfit and will make perfect gift for someone you love and care about, or get this crystal for your self and stay lucky.

    Spiritual Protection and Good Luck Powers of Unakite Gemstone:

    Unakite is combination of Red Jasper and Green Epidote solidly bound together. It takes its name from Greek, meaning Growing Together. Unakite is Very Protective Gemstone. Unakite is a stone of visions. It is particularly good for helping one stimulate and open their third eye for deeper visions and psychic work. Unakite helps to provide a gentle release of blockages that have been inhibiting your growth. Unakite has a really loving, peaceful and calm energy to it. It balances emotions with spirituality. Unakite provides grounding when needed. It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Unakite is a stone with gentle but powerful energy and brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion. It can help with healing of abandonment and separation issues. Unakite is said to benefit the heart, circulatory system, female reproductive system and male reproductive system. It acts to balance the emotional body, bringing it into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality. It can be used to help one go beneath the physical symptoms of disease and to allow for the determination of the root cause underlying the condition; the cause becoming apparent in the cases of the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual planes of existence.
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