Amulets Angel Wings Love Couple or Best Friends Set Jade Onyx Swarovski Elements Hearts Necklaces

  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Unique Angel Wings Feather Medallions in Genuine Black Onyx and White Jade Gemstone.  
  • Each Medallion Size: 30mm. Each Holds Fine Pewter Angel Wing Feather Charm attached to each Medallion.
  • Black Onyx Medallion Holds Genuine Snow White Swarovski Elements Heart Charm and White Jade Medallion holds Sky Blue Heart Charm.
  • Each Ready to wear. Black Onyx Amulet comes with 22 inch and White Jade Amulet comes with 18 inch Ball Style Stainless Steel Chains.
  • Each Comes with Cute Gift Style Pouch.

Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Angel Wing Gemstone Medallions for Love Couples or Best Friends Sharing. Feather Wing Charms are made from Fine Pewter and hangs on Genuine and Natural Black Onyx and White Jade Gemstone Medallions. Each also holds Very Cute Genuine Swarovski Heart Charms in Sparkling Sky Blue and Snow White Colors and makes it Very Special and Attractive pieces. Black Onyx Gemstone stands for Metaphysical Properties of Spiritual Protection and Good Luck Powers and White Jade stands for Good Luck, Magic and Positive Powers. Both Amulets also Represent Yin Yang Powers of Balance and Stability due to it's White and Black Colors.

Stay Unique and Magic with your Own Angel Wing and Magic Amulets and Share one with someone You Love and Care about.

Angel Folklore and Legend: Angels are spiritual beings that are believed to be much more powerful than humans. They have been thought of as creations of a separate order from human beings and sometimes as the spirits of highly evolved humans. People believe that Angles have Super Natural Powers of Protection and each person may have their Own Angel following every step of the way. They may look up your ways right before you, making you take a different road unintentionally.


With its Powers Effective in all Chakras, Onyx is a Very Spiritual stone. Its primary function for spiritualists is as a grounding stone that strengthens the connection of the person with the Earth to provide guidance. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome Situations. Onyx is in tune with the Earths energies and balances Yin and Yang. It is grounding stone, Valuable in difficult or confusing times in our lives. Extremely helpful to people who are in the process of " letting go" or releasing the past attachments to "people , places and things. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity. Helps to smooth out the "Roller Coaster Ride" of emotions. Black Onyx is a Tremendous Strength Provider, especially during times of extreme stress. Onyx is used to Deflect or Absorb the negativity of others, and in that way is a good stone for protection from negative forces and influences. Onyx at one time was more precious than gold, silver, or sapphire because people used it for Self Protection. Onyx Sharpens your senses. As well it Fortifies self confidence and responsibility. Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. It helps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe.


MONEY and WEALTH Jade is the Stone of Wealth. Know as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries. It was widely used as a talisman to attract good fortune and also known to bring good luck and prosperity. Provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems; and brings needed energy, which is so important in managing the Business or Just making Money in general.

LOVE Jade has been treasured in China since 2950 BC, where it was considered a Symbol of Love. Jade is a stone of the heart. So, of course, it can attract and enhance love. Jade increase a persons capacity for giving and receiving love. It manages passionate feelings. Jade is given by lovers as a statement of their love and devotion to each other. Jade is also a stone of fidelity.

EVIL EYE Protection Unfortunately there are many people out there who does not get happy for you, when you are the winner. This makes them to have Evil Eye or even Evil Magic against you. Protect your Self for Good. Jade was considered to be the Stone of Magic to the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Dispels negativity and thought to provide protection from one's enemies. Helps the wearer to sense the truth in all situations. Jade is said to bless the one, who touched it. It helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. Jade will protect you and also will mirror back the Evil Eye.

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