Apple Pendant in Red Jasper Gemstone Sterling Silver 18 Necklace

  • Gemstone Charm Size: 25 X 25 mm
  • Comes with 925 Sterling Silver Italian 18" Infinity Style Chain Necklace
  • Comes in Gift Box

Good Luck and Fashion Combined in this Great Peace of Jewelry. It is eye catching, very attractive and comes with Real Good Luck and Protection Powers of Nature.

This Apple Pendant comes with 925 Sterling Silver Bail and made from Genuine and Natural Red Jasper Gemstone. It also comes with 18 inch Italian Made Infinity Style 925 Sterling Silver Chain Necklace.

Apple Represents Wealth and Health. It combines so many good intentions all together. Apple is the first thing that babies start to eat after milk, due to its unbelievable amount of vitamins and absolutely none allergic qualities. Apple Symbol is used by World Wide known Brands, and even became New York City Symbol. All this is because it brings Good Luck, Wealth, Health and Protection Powers.

Good Luck and Protection Powers of Red Jasper Gemstone:

Red Jasper is a great all-around Good LUCK stone and said to help bring Joy, Luck, and Success into life. Red Jasper Gently activates the senses and Protects from witchcraft. This Stone helps in unfair situations And It is said to assist in protection and rescue from danger. RED Jasper is VERY Protective. It can align all the chakras and balance Yin Yang energies, it is stabilizing and healing. Magic lore claimed that this stone when worn could render you invisible. It is also believed to inspire intuition, creativity and spiritual solidarity. RED Jasper is Gemstone of Willpower. Red Jasper Provides insight that your life is a result of your choices. Inspires you to make your life exactly what you want by making new choices. Can give you confidence to move forward enjoying the journey, not waiting in expectation.

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