Arrowhead American Eagle Head Brave Powers Protection Amulet Sparkling Blue Pendant


    Best Amulets? Collection. Unique American Eagle Head Brave and Magic Arrowhead Amulet.
    Comes with Very Special Eye Catching Sparkling Accent over each Side of the Arrowhead.
    Charm Size: 50 X 27 mm. Amulet is made from Stainless Steel and comes in Beautiful Antique Finish.
    One of the Kind BestAmulets Design inspired by Wild Nature.
    Comes with Gift Kind Packaging.
Absolutely Amazing and Special American Eagle Head Arrowhead Amulet with Magic Powers of Protection and Courage. Arrowhead is created with Amazing Royal Blue Sparkling Accent and comes in Beautiful Antique Black Finish which makes it look Special and Eye Catching. The Charm is Highly Polished and Looks Amazing.

Look Unique and Stay Magic with your Own Individual American Eagle Head Arrowhead Amulet.

Amulet meaning:

There is an old legend that the eagle alone among animals can look into the sun. Native North Americans believed the thunderbird, a mythical super eagle, was responsible for creating thunder and lightning by beating its wings. The Pawnee believed the eagle to be a symbol of fertility because they build large nests high off the ground and valiantly protect their young. They honored the eagle with songs, chants, and dance. Aztecs and related tribes established in the valleys of Mexico, revered the eagle as a strong symbol, with feathers used by that society's elite.

Arrowhead Meaning:

Arrowhead is the Symbol of Protection and Courage. It creates a barrier around the owner against any harm and unexpected situations. A Symbol of Prosperity and Wellness.
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