Chakra Gemstones and Evil Eye Swarovski Crystals Blue Eyes Bracelet

  • Very Unique and One of the Kind Chakra and Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Seven Individual Chakra Gemstones, Evil Eye Beads and Swarovski Crystals 
  • Bracelet is Self Adjustable and would fit most wrists up to 7 ½ inches 
  • Comes with Cute Organza Pouch.

This Bracelet will make you smile with its Happy and Unique Outlook. It is Very Attractive and Eye Catching. Bracelet holds Seven Individual Genuine Chakra Gemstones. It is made with Popular Evil Eye Beads and Swarovski Crystals and makes it very unique and special.

Stay Unique and Lucky with your Own Individual Chakra Evil Eye Protection Bracelet.

1st: Root - Aventurine.
2nd: Navel - Red Jade.
3rd: Solar - Amethyst.
4th: Heart - Rose Quartz.
5th: Throat - Tiger Eye.
6th: Third Eye - Crystal Quartz.
7th: Crown - Turquoise.

The Purpose of the Chakra Balancer is to realign and balance the energy fields of each specific chakra, thus aligning and harmonizing mind, body, and soul. It will aid in dissolving stress, removing blocks and an overall sense of better health, joy and abundance.

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