Courage Dragon Magical Protection Powers Star Pentacle Amulet Tiger Eye Pendant Leather Necklace

  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Very Unique and Special Supernatural and Courage Dragon Magic Super Star Pentacle Amulet with Cute Cabochon Crystal.
  • Amulet Size: 43 X 33mm.
  • Amulet Charm is Made from Stainless Steel. Created with Beautiful Antiqued Black Finish and Looks Amazing.
  • Ready to Wear with Beautiful 18 Inch Black Leather Cord.
  • Comes with Gift Kind Packaging.

Absolutely Unique and Special Supernatural and Courage Dragon Magical Super Star Pentacle Amulet. Adorned with Beautiful Natural and Genuine Tiger Eye Gemstone Crystal cabochon and makes it Very Attractive and Eye Catching Good Luck Charm.

This Amulet holds Powers of Protection, Courage, Bravery and Magic.

Stay Unique and Magic with your Own Magic Dragon Supernatural Pentacle Star Amulet.

Dragon Myth and Legend 

Dragon was and still remains a very Strong Good Luck Symbol in Many Cultures. It is a Symbol of Long life, fertility and wisdom. For Centuries it was believed that Dragon Amulet will Protect from Evil Spirits. As well it brings Good Luck to Business, as the Dragon is able to adapt easily to changing circumstances and Have very strong defense mechanisms. It also Represents Happiness to its immediate owner.

Evil Eye Protection and Good Luck Powers of Tiger Eye Gemstone:

Tiger Eye is a Very Strong Stone. It Unites so many powers all together. It brings protection from the Evil Eye. Tigers Eye Stone is also used for protection against all forms of danger. It always been considered Strong Amulet in many cultures, especially against the Evil Eye. Was used by Aztecs to Protect their Home from Negative Forces and Energies of their enemies. They Believed that Tiger Eye Stone will Keep their Home and Family Safe at all times. This Stone Universally thought to bring Good Fortune and to Protect from the Evil Eye. A protective stone which keeps an eye on us. It is said to enhance our luck, inner and outer vision and giving us the courage and ability to face and resolve our problems.

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