Good Luck "Best Friend" Coconut Bracelets


This Product as Unique as it can get. It comes as Two COCONUT Bracelets, which Perfectly matches each other, representing a Super Powerful Connection between the TWO ?BEST? Friends. It could even be your Son or Daughter, or just someone who is Really Special to you. The Bracelet will Remind your Best Friend of you every time he or she is going to look at it, knowing that the other Half is somewhere around, thinking about you and always ready to help you in any life situation. Its a Great way of appreciating your Best Friend, for the Honesty and all the Support you have for all this time. As well the Bracelets will bring GOOD LUCK to it?s owner.

These BEST FRIEND COCONUT Bracelets - will bring you Lot?s of LUCK.

Comes in Natural Coconut Shell on Adjustable Strap, so it may easily fit any size wrist. The Shell has Old Chinese Carvings, which Represents and Stand for Good Luck and Protection Powers.


COCONUT is Absolutely Universal Fruit. The coconut palm is referred to as the Tree of Life, Tree of Heaven , or Tree of Abundance . Coconut Shell believed to have Extremely Powerful Protection Powers, as some Cultures were used to house the souls of newborn babies for protection during their first year of life. Considered the most useful tree in the world, the coconut palm provides food, drink, clothing, shelter, heirloom history and financial security, becoming a Symbol and Hallmark of Prosperity, Abundance and Good Health.
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