Handcrafted Amulet Evil Eye Protection Heart Blue Enamel Bracelet


Size: This Bracelet has few extra links to Buckle up, and you may use it shorter or longer. Comes with Gift Box.

These Bracelets are Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind. Each Bracelet is Made by Hand and Makes it Designer Piece of Jewelry, as no two pieces are ever the same.

You will Definitely Love to wear this Bracelet, as it is Very Eye Catching and will bring you many compliments. The Bracelet must be worn with Care and you should not take it to the shower.

For Thousands of Years across the Planet, People are using Evil Eye Charms, Jewelry and Home Décor to Protect them selfs against Evil Eyes and Forces of the Environment including People. Stay Protected with Your Own Protection Amulet.

This Evil Eye Bracelet is Made from Pewter and it is Gold Plated. It has Very Cute HEART Charm with Blue Eye Enamel Drawing. There is Very Nice Key Charm attached to the side of the Center Piece. The Bracelet it self comes with thick Black Satin Cord. Get Your Own, Unique and One of the Kind Amulet Bracelet or Surprise some one Special with Eye Catching and Designer Piece of Jewelry.

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