Lucky Frog on Leaf Brazilian Onyx Gemstone Totem Carving

  • Handcrafted from Natural Onyx
  • Size: 2 inch
  • Comes with Velvet Pouch 

This is Very Attractive and one of the kind Frog Carving. It is Handcrafted from Brazilian Onyx Gemstone and Brings Good Luck Powers every step of the way. This Lucky Frog is Carved on Onyx Leaf and make this Piece very Unique You may keep it on your Desk, in your bedroom or take it with you anywhere you go. Each Onyx Carving is Unique and no two pieces are exactly the same, so you will get Exclusive piece of good luck and protection.

FROG is symbol of Joy and Luck . For many centuries, Frog has been a Symbol of Abundance, partly due to the very large number of eggs it lays at one time. It has been used as amulet and talisman. Many cultures believed Frog brings Good Luck to their home. In China Frog is Considered as God of Wealth, and they strongly believe in this legend, by keeping one close. If you are about to experience a change in your current stage of life, you can learn from the frog. Frog totems can also provide Very Powerful Protection for children and have been known to give good dreams

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