Protection Double Arrowhead Lapis Lazuli Wolf Amulet Necklace

  • Unique Amulet Piece
  • Genuine and Natural Triangle Arrowhead Shaped Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
  • High Grade Pewter Wolf Charm
  • Large Gemstone size: 57 X 45mm, Charm Size: 40 X 30mm
  • Comes with Adjustable Necklace, Shortest: 17 inches, Longest: 24 inches

This is the Most Natural Way to wear Jewelry and get your own individual Unique and Magic Amulet. It comes in Genuine and Natural Triangle Arrowhead Shaped Lapis Lazuli Gemstone and High Grade pewter charm. The Charm Represents Howling on really nice Arrowhead. This Wolf Amulet Represents Wisdom, Protection, Courage, Intuition and Gemstone Powers stands for Good Luck and Spiritual Powers. This Amulet comes with Adjustable Cord and Natural Wooden Bead. 

WOLF is Symbol of Strength, Will Power, Courage, Wisdom, Protection, Intuition and Longevity. 

Stay Unique and One of the Kind with your own Wolf Amulet.


Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest of all gems, with a history of use stretching back 7,000 years. In ancient Egypt lapis lazuli was a favorite stone for amulets. The very earliest cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold. The ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli as a symbol of Truth. Some believed that dreaming of lapis would foretell love that would be forever faithful. Lapis stimulates the consciousness toward the awakening of the perfection of the self. If you do not know how beautiful you are, then you do not as yet see your true nature. You are a being of LIGHT. Lapis can help open the part of the mind that brings with it the knowing that you are part of "All that is". Lapis can help overcome depression, and open the door to self acceptance, which leads to serenity. For many people all over the world Lapis lazuli is considered a stone of truth and friendship. Lapis lazuli was also worshipped as a holy stone. Especially in the oriental countries it was considered as a gemstone with magical powers.

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