Twisted Twincies Cute Frosted Sea Glass Lucky Charms Ocean Blue Pastel Purple Amulets 22 Inch Necklace


  • Best Amulets® Brand Presents Twisted Twincies Collection. Absolutely Adorable Small and Cute Frosted Sea Glass Amulets Necklace.
  • Each Lucky Charm Size: Approximately 15mm. Entire Piece including the Circle is Approximately 30mm. Each Piece is Handcrafted with Love and Care and is Absolutely Special. No Two Pieces are ever alike and makes each piece Individually Unique.
  • Each Lucky Charm holds Cute Twisted Accent and Designed with Silver-Tone Plated High Quality Wire.
  • Ready to Wear with Popular Stainless Steel 22 Inch Link Chain Necklace.
  • Comes with Gift Kind BestAmulets® Branded Packaging.
  • Absolutely Unique and Special Twisted Twincies Collection. Each Amulet is made from Frosted Sea Glass Lucky Charms and Beautifully Created with Twisted Accent in the Center. Cute Circle is Adored with Two Sea Glass Lucky Charms and is Designed as Adorable Individual Amulet. Each Lucky Charms is Handcrafted with Love and Care look Very Eye Catching. Each Sea Glass Charm is Uniquely Shaped and this charm comes in Ocean Blue and Pastel Purple Colors which Looks Amazing.

    Look Inspiring, Cool and Magic with your Own Unique Frosted Sea Glass Twisted Twincies Amulet.

    We create each Glass Stone with Love and Care individually and each Amulet is going to be Absolutely Unique in it's Shape. Glass Colors may be slightly lighter and/or darker in it's appearance.

    Glass Natural and Metaphysical Properties:

    Glass is product of Nature and is made from sand. Sand is silica which is a form of quartz crystal, one of the most abundant minerals on the planet. Glass is often reflective and has the ability to reflect energy being sent your way back to the sender. Glass goes through the 4 elements as form. Earth as sand, Air and Fire to Liquefy it as molten then cooled off into a beautiful form of Earth. Glass carries the energy of it’s transformation, the merging of the elements, focus, communication and rebirth. It’s great for one who is trying to reinvent themselves, overcoming an old to bring something new into their life, closing a chapter and opening a new one.

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