Universe Positive Energy Amulet Silver Triple Lucky Point Natural Agate Hematite Unakite Necklace

  • Made with Pure 925 Sterling Silver and from Genuine Gemstones Double Terminated Crystal Points 
  • Size: 40mm Long X 22mm Wide, Includes 2 Large Crystal Points and 1 smaller Crystal Point in the Center.
  • Combination of Three Crystal Point Gemstone Wands holding Universe Positive Energy Powers of Good Luck, Magic and Protection.
  • Individual Crystal Points of Natural Agate, Hematite, Unakite Gemstones. All Gemstones are Natural and no two Amulets are ever a like.
  • Each Amulet is Handcrafted with Love and Care. Also Comes with Very Popular 18" Black Rubber Cord and 925 Sterling Silver Buckle.
  • This is UNIVERSE POSITIVE ENERGY Amulet, as it comes with Individual Crystal Point Wands and each holds different and Unique Energies and Forces. Gain Self Protection, Good Luck and Magic powers with this Fantastically attractive and one of the Kind piece of Jewelry. It is Made with Pure 925 Sterling Silver and will last forever. It also comes with Very Popular 18" rubber cord necklace, which has 925 Sterling Silver buckle and makes this Amulet ready to wear. Amulet is made with Love and Care and no two pieces are ever alike, making your Amulet as unique as it may get.

    This Amulet is Made from Genuine and Natural Agate, Hematite and Unakite Gemstones. Each is Handcrafted as Crystal Point wand and makes this Amulet very Special and Attractive.

    Natural Agate Gemstone stands for Good Luck Powers.

    Hematite Gemstone stands for Evil Eye Protection and Positive Powers.

    Unakite Gemstone stands for Spiritual Protection and Good Luck Powers.

    Combination of all three Gemstones creates Unique Universe Energies and Powers for it's wearier and fills Life with harmony, balance and positive forces. You will absolutely Love your New Amulet and Enjoy it's Unique Outlook.

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