Wise Monkeys No Hear See Talk Car Charm or Home Decor Hot Pink Quartz Lucky Coin Donut Protection Amulet


  • Best AmuletsĀ® Collection. Very Unique and One of the Kind Car Charm or Home Decor Amulet.
  • May be used as Unique Car Charm Blessing and/or as Lucky Charm hanged anywhere in your Home for Good Luck and Protection Powers.
  • Each Amulet Charm Blessing is adorned with Cute and Magical Lucky Coin Shaped Donut. Comes on Stretch Cord which may be adjusted to be shorter if you wish.
  • Wooden Charm Size: 33mm X 33mm. Donut Size: 30mm. Will catch Sun and Moon Light in your Car or Home Window and Energize with New Positive Nature Energy.
  • May be Used as Keychain. We Include Metal Key Ring in case you wish to convert it in to Keychain. Comes in Very Cute Gift Packaging and makes Very Unique Gift Idea.
  • Absolutely Unique and Special Car Charms or Home Decor Amulet Blessings. Adorned with Cute Magic Lucky Coin Shaped Donut Charm Crystal. Blessing is made from Natural Sandal Wood and looks Amazing and may be Converted to Keychain by removing the Donut and adding included Key Ring.

    May be used as Light Catcher and Natural Energizer in your Car or your Home Window.

    Comes with Stretch Cord which may always be adjusted to smaller length if needed. Wooden Blessing holds Natural Hot Pink Quartz Gemstone Lucky Donut. Quartz is Dyed in to Hot Pink Color and the Color is not permanent.

    Gemstones will catch Natural Sun and Moon Light each day and will energize your Amulets with Natural Powers of Protection and Good Luck.

    Hang your Blessing in your Car or in your Home. Hot Pink Quartz Gemstone stands for Good Luck, Evil Eye Protection and Magic Powers. Get your Self these Cute and Unique Amulets and Stay Positive and Magic every step of the way.

    Amulet Meaning:

    Tree Wise Monkeys have been brought into Buddhism by a monk in the 7th century. Meaning of these three wise monkeys is: I see everything but I look to nothing, I hear everything but I listen to nothing, I think of nothing to become everything. In other words, I would be conscious of everything happening around me but I would choose not to let it reach me and to think before speaking. We have to learn how to think by ourselves, not to listen to anyone and not to always trust our pretending-full-view-eyes. To sum up, those monkeys have a really particular meaning. May we learn to see them more as a life philosophy. Lets finish with a little story which tells that the only materialist exception Gandhi made all his life was to always keep on him a tiny sculpture of those three monkey.

    Magical, Protection and Natural Powers of Quartz Gemstone:

    Quartz is a Powerful stone. It is used for protection because it counters black magic and protects from Evil Eye.

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